Data Zen Garden




Defrag and reset with this miniature table-top Data Zen Garden.

An indispensable aide in the practice of contemplating ephemerality, obsolescence, and the true meaning of life, this Data Zen Garden is a great gift for anyone looking to cultivate inner peace.

Contained in a handsome 6-inch by 5-inch box, perfect for your desk or standing desk, this meditation tool is a perfect gift for someone you like, but want to remind of their encroaching mortality. The set includes a long-handled magnetic rake which can be used to reorient the bits of the diskette, corrupting the stored information to its most abstract form: chaos.

Saved on the diskette is a digital meditation guide with useful instructions and suggestions for shaping the garden, which are, like a sand mandala or life itself, erased before they can be fully appreciated.


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