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  • Commit Often: Illustrated Git Commit Messages


    A collection of 10 ANSI illustrations by Pat Shiu inspired by frustration-ridden github commit messages. Inspired by @gitlost’s tweets of anonymized, public github commit messages. OPEN EDITION Open Edition; Second printing Digital print, saddle bound Hand made in Queens, NY RISO EDITION — SOLD OUT Limited edition run of 20 Prints for New York Tech…

  • coroutines


    At some point after a big relocation for work, Pierre Depaz decided to journal his experience of adjusting to life in a new country in syntactically sound code, so that his closest companion, his computer could, in a way, be his confidante. Coroutines is a collection of 36 days from the fall of 2017. Using…

  • Data Goth Sticker Pack


    Data goth sticker pack for peak technopessimism.

  • Data Zen Garden


    Defrag and reset with this miniature table-top Data Zen Garden. An indispensable aide in the practice of contemplating ephemerality, obsolescence, and the true meaning of life, this Data Zen Garden is a great gift for anyone looking to cultivate inner peace. Contained in a handsome 6-inch by 5-inch box, perfect for your desk or standing…

  • Decay is Inevitable Button


    Decay is Inevitable Button / Pin 1.25″ buttons

  • Fossil Properties: Test Cases in Browser X


    Ten screenshots of early web browsers undergoing compatibility case testing on various operating systems. Images: Mona Ulrich Preface & book design: Pat Shiu Color prints with vellum cover, 1st Edition of 20 Prints Abridged from Preface: “In the fall of 2018, Mona Ulrich conducted an extensive study on the compatibility of This book presents ten…